College Success Seminar - CSS101

General Studies Career or Transfer

Bristol Community College

Credits: 1

Subject Area(s): Basic Skill and Developmental/Remedial Education

Credential(s): Associate's Degree


This course facilitates the new student’s transition to college. Students become familiar with the college’s resources and make meaningful connections with faculty, staff, and support services. Students build a solid foundation of skills, tools, and competencies needed to be successful college students. As part of this course, students explore and utilize both technology and learning resources, identify and apply personalized study and critical thinking skills, develop academic career goals, and build financial literacy. Competency met: First Year Experience. One lecture hour per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 1 credit Fall, Spring, Summer

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College Success Seminar Online Offerings

Course Section Time Instructor Format Start Date End Date
94071Online (no meetings)Ruggieri, Vanessa J100% Online2023-09-192023-12-15
94455Online (no meetings)Gautie, Linda Ann100% Online2023-09-192023-12-15
94939Online (no meetings)Dekkers, Jennifer 100% Online2023-09-192023-12-15
94940Online (no meetings)Hathaway, Timothy P100% Online2023-09-192023-12-15
91077Online (no meetings)Poore-Pariseau, Cindy 100% Online2023-09-052023-10-20
91080Online (no meetings)McDonald, Lizabeth Anne100% Online2023-09-052023-10-20
91081Online (no meetings)Real-Martins, Tahais I100% Online2023-09-052023-10-20
91544Online (no meetings)Zuber, Patricia A100% Online2023-09-052023-10-20
91907Online (no meetings)Neubert, Livia Lirio100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
93459Online (no meetings)Ormerod, Jennifer 100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
93527Online (no meetings)Griffith, Kimberly A100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
93528Online (no meetings)STAFF100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
93750Online (no meetings)STAFF100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
94454Online (no meetings)Frezza, Alyssa A100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
61765Online (no meetings)Real-Martins, Tahais I100% Online2023-07-172023-08-26
62169Online (no meetings)STAFF100% Online2023-07-172023-08-26
60221Online (no meetings)Poore-Pariseau, Cindy 100% Online2023-06-052023-08-26
60270Online (no meetings)McDonald, Lizabeth Anne100% Online2023-06-052023-07-15
61179Online (no meetings)Lyons, Joanne M100% Online2023-06-052023-07-15
61888TAU201 W 11:00-12:50pmMayhew, Mary Hybrid2023-06-052023-07-15
1 2

College Success Seminar Associated Programs

Program ID Name Subject Area(s) Percent Online
GSC_TGeneral Studies Career or TransferInterdisciplinary/General Studies100
LAS_HTLiberal Arts and Sciences - Humanities TransferHumanities, Interdisciplinary/General Studies100
LAS_BSSTLiberal Arts and Sciences - Behavioral and Social Sciences TransferHistory, Sociology, Interdisciplinary/General Studies100

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