COMP II:Writing about Lit - ENG102

Communication Transfer

Bristol Community College

Credits: 3

Subject Area(s): English

Credential(s): Associate's Degree


College Composition II builds upon the critical reading and writing skills learned in ENG 101 while using poetry, drama, and fiction as the primary texts for examination. Using a writing process, students will continue to develop complex and diverse writing projects where synthesis and analysis are emphasized. They will apply terminology and theory to develop literary arguments. In doing so, students will make connections between culturally diverse literature and its relevance to the human experiences in the 21st century. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Competencies met: Written Communication, and Critical Thinking. 3 credits Fall, Spring, Summer

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COMP II:Writing about Lit Online Offerings

Course Section Time Instructor Format Start Date End Date
90185K105 M 11:00-01:50pm, W 11:00-12:50pmYokel, Christopher Hybrid2023-09-052023-12-15
90204Online (no meetings)DiMarzio, Denise 100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
90207Online (no meetings)DiMarzio, Denise 100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
91772Online (no meetings)Anderson, Debra J100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
92346K105 T 06:30-07:45pmGrady, James THybrid2023-09-052023-12-12
92747Online (no meetings)Kelly, William 100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
93328Online (no meetings)Yokel, Christopher 100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
94049K105 T 09:30-10:45amYokel, Christopher Hybrid2023-09-052023-12-15
94729Online (no meetings)Hague, Judith 100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
94741Online (no meetings)Pankowski, Christine 100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
94761Online (no meetings)Habib, Farah 100% Online2023-09-052023-12-15
95251TBA W 11:00-12:15pmCastro, Kathleen BHybrid2023-09-052023-12-15
60231Online (no meetings)Kelly, William 100% Online2023-07-172023-08-26
62061Online (no meetings)McGuire, Brian K100% Online2023-07-172023-08-26
60032Online (no meetings)Habib, Farah 100% Online2023-06-052023-07-15
60034Online (no meetings)Hague, Judith 100% Online2023-06-052023-08-26
60232B B102 W 06:00-09:45pmWagner, Jeffrey DHybrid2023-06-052023-08-26
61136ATT120 M 09:00-10:20amTorregrossa, Michael Hybrid2023-06-052023-08-26
61139TAU202 M 06:00-07:50pmCastro, Kathleen BHybrid2023-06-052023-08-26
61930Online (no meetings)Grady, James T100% Online2023-06-052023-08-26
61964Online (no meetings)Pankowski, Christine 100% Online2023-06-052023-07-15
61965Online (no meetings)French, Elizabeth Kemper100% Online2023-06-052023-08-26
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COMP II:Writing about Lit Associated Programs

Program ID Name Subject Area(s) Percent Online
COM_TCommunication TransferCommunications100
GSC_TGeneral Studies Career or TransferInterdisciplinary/General Studies100
LAS_HTLiberal Arts and Sciences - Humanities TransferHumanities, Interdisciplinary/General Studies100
LAS_BSSTLiberal Arts and Sciences - Behavioral and Social Sciences TransferHistory, Sociology, Interdisciplinary/General Studies100

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