Statway - MAT093

Mount Wachusett Community College

Credits: 1

Subject Area(s): Math



This course is designed for students who need support to succeed in MAT 143. Topics studied include: points and intervals on the number line, the distance between two points on the number line, powers of a number, the square root of a number, summation notation, set notations, Venn diagrams, the union and intersection of sets and the complement of a set, graphing points and lines in two dimensions, understanding slope as the change in y associated with a 1-unit change in x, the equation of a line and the graph of the line, and the vertical distance between a point and a line. This course is required for students who are taking MAT 143 and who successfully completed MAT 092. Prerequisites: MAT 092; MAT 143 (corequisite).

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Course Section Time Instructor Format Start Date End Date
12526100% Online2020-03-232020-05-11
12524100% Online2020-01-222020-05-11

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