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Credential(s): Associate's Degree

Program Description:

Provide a well-rounded foundational education in the liberal arts disciplines, defined as fine arts and humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences. Foster and hone high-level communication and critical reasoning skills, vital for success in a bachelor degree program or professional career. Provide the broad-based intercultural and interdisciplinary learning for flourishing in the globalized, knowledge-driven, and increasingly diverse society and economy of the 21st century. Instill the life-long orientation to learning that a continuously-evolving global society will require for sustained success. Student Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the program graduates will be able to: Demonstrate the capacity to make well-reasoned ethical and aesthetic judgments by calling upon the discursive, expressive, and interpretive skills honed and developed in the humanities and fine arts. Apply the concepts and methods of mathematics to solve problems, and demonstrate quantitative reasoning in a variety of disciplines. Demonstrate knowledge of the scientific process and basic scientific principles, and apply the scientific method to complex problems in the natural sciences. Demonstrate understanding of the development, diversity, and complexity of human behavior in society and culture, and the methodologies used in the social and behavioral sciences. Demonstrate high-level communication skills (verbal, written, graphic, and numerical) across the full span of the liberal arts disciplines. Apply critical reasoning skills, drawing upon interdisciplinary approaches, to analyze and solve complex problems. Demonstrate the ability to use interlibrary catalog/loan systems and electronic databases and to distinguish between reliable and non-reliable sources, whether print, cinematic, televisual, or web. Demonstrate the multiple perspectives that derive from knowledge and awareness of cultures and cultural practices (one’s own and others’).

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